37th Annual Lido Yacht Expo

Best in the West

Located in picturesque Lido Marina Village in sunny Newport Beach, California, the Lido Yacht Expo is the best place to sell big boats and yachts in the West. The show is the major Southern California boat show designed and produced specifically to draw customers of big boats and yachts along with the gear that makes owning one more enjoyable. The Lido Yacht Expo’s continued growth over the past 32 years has created the word of mouth that drives buyers to the show. And with more than 250 big vessels on display, this is the one fall show that serious buyers won’t miss.

Qualified buyers deliver straight to your exhibit

The Lido Yacht Expo’s ideal location in Newport Beach makes it a popular destination for active and affluent boaters from all over the West. An extensive, pinpointed media campaign targeting waterfront home and big noat owners will deliver exactly the kind of buyers you’re looking for – seasoned, upscale and ready to make a purchase. Lido Yacht Expo ads in major newspapers, boating publications, both national and local, billboards, broadcast and the Internet, will create the attention and buzz that draws serious, qualified buyers to your exhibit.

The one show you can't afford to miss

If you’re in the yacht business, exhibiting at the Lido Yacht Expo is the best way to ensure you come out with more income going into the winter months. Every aspect of the show is geared toward big boats and the buyers who have the means to own one. Lido’s efficient four-day format gives you time to meet the hottest prospects and get back to the office to follow up on leads, surveys and deliveries. Newport is the place where old money rubs elbows with new money. And the only way to make sure some of it rubs off on you is to be there!